Listen to What Your Father Says! #07 — Things On Raika’s Breasts

February 21st, 2012


She seems to rub them against a lot of things… mostly Sora.


Now that Raika’s finally actually rejoined the show, you’d think it would have improved. Instead, it’s mostly used as an excuse for Sora to sulk and act up over her inferiority issues. And if there’s one thing you know I love, it’s a character sulking. Raika was probably taunting her anyway, what with resting her breasts on Sora’s shoulders while teaching her how to cook. Raika is also afflicted by the same nuclear sexual organs as many other Japanese females are suffering from. It’s an epidemic.

So still better than most, but it’s still struggling for something to happen. Oh, sure, there was the cliffhanger in literally the last couple seconds of the episode of the landlord kicking them out, but given the way this show goes, I give about a 75% chance that by 5 minutes into next episode, she’ll have given them some better/bigger room that needs to be fixed up or something so we can have a pithy speech about making it their own and being a real family. Also, the shot in the preview for next episode. The remaining 25% is that it’ll take all of next week’s episode to keep up with the trend of "nothing happens, very slowly."


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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    Call me heartless but I laughed hard at your post.

    Next episode, moar Raika is never bad.

    So Aroduc, why the screenshots for thi espisode are bigger than usual?

    • Aroduc says:

      Short version: It was the first version I could watch.
      Long version: The only person to upload an LQ version to the usual places had it set to private instead of public, so despite being ‘up’ about 20 minutes before the others, it wasn’t accessible until basically the exact same time.

  • MR.KLAC says:

    so look like good news & bad news on this ep

    3 sisters sitting around outside & oh hina got a popsicle meanwhile yuuta meet aunt wonder to do for school for 3 sisters.
    after long night work yuuta try rescue raika miko but it go trap hole by kouta-lookalike.
    during kouta-lookalike want meet miu but yuuta said NO!!! while raika want meet all 3 go yes.
    so raika meet 3 sisters all ok & yet kouta-lookalike sneak in try to flower miu & etc.
    but calling sora that “saying” yea pwn’d by raika fan of SAVE.
    sora vs kouta-lookalike in wii-punch & dinner.
    yuuta some alone with raika.
    next day fun with hina & voice actress yet someone watching them.
    raika on watching 3 sisters also cooking time to bath time.
    now look all check but bad news person watching is the land lady.
    give notice got a month or bye-bye.

    indeed oh no part got wonder what next?

  • Jack says:

    Two theories:

    1) The landlord is related to this woman: (woman with the bag). She steps in and saves the day with all the people from the market.

    2) Gainax takes over the show and they all die.

  • Haba says:

    After more than ten years of this shit, I think I’ve finally found a series that seriously disgusts me. A creepy paedophile as a comic relief? Yeah, not the first time but by gods do they take it far this time. 14 year olds are “hags”… Oh dear.

    I guess at least it brings some suspense to otherwise uneventful tripe. Every week, the audience watches in horror, waiting for the moment when the creepy sicko finally kidnaps and rapes on of the girls.

  • Aza says:

    Why don’t they just move in to their old house? Girls are supposed to get it as an inheritance and nobody’s living there anyway.
    Sure, it’s more expensive to maintain/pay for the bills, but the lack of rent would compensate for that.

  • Jack says:

    Outcome #3:

    – He marries Raika, they adopt the three kids and move back into his sister’s house.