Listen To What Your Father Says! #06 — Still On Namek

February 14th, 2012


Do these characters have any lives at all?


How is this show half over and they’re still fussing over getting clothes from their old house? Will something happen already? Anything? I guess this was kind of meant to be based around Hina as they all went back to their old house to get clothes and mess up the place, but she’s just a mobile shriekling little device for blurting out whatever development the writers want to happen next. I’ve known three year olds. They kick over the Duplo block towers I make. She’s more like a slightly more intelligent Lagrange character with a speech impediment. The show could probably be improved (or again, made worse to the point where it gets amusingly bad) if they just sacrificed her to the Great Pele-honua-mea, goddess of volcanos and the good aspects of flooding. Then again, they wouldn’t be able to feign innocent while jamming bananas down her throat with cucumbers and daikons in the background. Subtle, Feel. It’s like an entire array of phallic objects menacingly pointing at her face.


Some kind of strange, completely unknown character.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jack says:

    Wait a minute…




    Hmmm…is Japan out of ideas or am I just not sleeping with enough people?

  • jingoi says:

    Come on feel, don’t use Hina for fanservice. If you guys want to show a 3 yr old nude find one who’s at least physically 10-14.
    I wish they would animate that chapter when MC and Raika go to a pool.

  • Smelvertising says:

    This show is starting to creep me out. The 10 year old shown more naked than anything, guh, fine. Then last week, the entire plot was driven by a 16 year old (WHO JUST LOST HER FATHER BY THE WAY) getting confused because she was thinking too much about her (totally non-blood related) oniichan’s (totally non-blood related) d**k.

    And now a 3 year old OMG IMOUTO as fanservice. Ugh. Is this the anime that Kirino from OreImo wrote?

  • H2O says:

    I just noticed how they are always blushing…

  • MR.KLAC says:

    oh my indeed quite ep we got

    trying to clean hina & her hair oh boy need help.
    morning meet voice actress, market time, banana for hina, etc.
    phone call it kouta-lookalike oh no he hear hina’ voice yea run to train.
    went back 3 girls house to get some things.
    also playtime with hina while being a carrot.
    meanwhile kouta-lookalike all double popsicle finish having tied nimura ask on 3 girls.
    even going far make almost matching drawing of hina based on voice?!
    going far want meet 3 girls GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY! indeed that yuuta felt that “chill”.
    then yuuta try help got red cheek for grabbing “that” of sora.
    some ducky time for hina & tada manage get hina ok clean.
    yuuta try to nap soon all 3 girls in same nap with him.
    next day all set & oh keep the pic of family.

    next ep you can rejoice we got lots of raika on it give ugh please don’t let kouta-lookalike get 3 girls oh chris hansen where are you?

  • Wilfriback says:

    At least there was the hinting Raika will meet the girls next episode.

    Feel use your budget or ELSE!

  • Takebou says:

    So no V-day post, Aroduc?

  • The Phantom says:

    Whoever wrote the plot, has to be a sick pedophile that had some kind of twisted fantasy with 3/10/12? year old girls.

  • ark noir says:

    ^ or the audience they pander to? Though what cracks me up is when you go on forums and they try to justify this stuff. Don’t believe me, try to read Higurashi sequel,Higabana.Bit graphic for my tastes.

    That’s my limit on soapbox hollering for the week.