Listen to What Your Father Says! #05 — Unhygenic Practices

February 7th, 2012


You know, I can’t fault him for coming home and finding his kitchen full of naked children.


Wasn’t it only an episode ago that they were freaking out about any possible person at the door? I’m not trying to be clever here. I actually have no idea. All of these episodes have run together to the point where I seriously have no idea what happened last week besides containing 30 seconds more Raika than usual. Shouldn’t he be getting these kids into school instead of letting them be raised by the TV and/or whatever neighbor happens to stop by with strange foods? I guess Sora was supposed to be watching them, but as this episode revealed, she’s probably less than mentally stable.

The first half was absolutely void of anything happening at all while the second half was mostly concerned with explaining Sora’s crush on I-Still-Don’t-Care-Enough-To-Remember-His-Name. You see, when she was little, he gave her a band-aid. Now she loves him foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever. That’s the kind of backstory I expect from a horror show right before she slices her own hand open so he’ll give her another band-aid and feed back into her own crazy obsession right before she eats it. There was also some drama rain to make sure you knew that the scene was super extra emotional in case the surging piano and violins weren’t clues enough. Then Sora wandered out of the bath and flashed him again. Didn’t they live with their single father before this? Just what was he doing to ingrain these habits into them?


Another Not-Raika episode.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    Yeah its rifht after vol.1 when Raika gets more and more screentime eventually.

  • rufe says:

    I actually was pretty impressed by the soundtrack. It reminds me vaguely of Barber.

  • Aza says:

    >Shouldn’t he be getting these kids into school
    But it was stated twice this episode it’s summer break.
    She is staring into my soul.

    • Aroduc says:

      Damn spoiled children who didn’t get sent off to summer camp or classes or crap. Some of us spent our summers learning Hypercard.

  • MR.KLAC says:

    yea i so liking one my favs of this winter season to watch.

    wonder when series also be dub?

  • Veneficae says:

    Anyone noticed how they used really badly created polygon people to walk in the background?

  • jingoi says:

    1.Lolis vs 2.Headache caused by tsun girl & Oppai girl sketchblock, 2 wins, see you in 2013, finishing free Shippu eps before SOPA bs is higher priority.