Listen To What Your Father Says! #04 — Feel Being Feel

January 31st, 2012


That’s more like it.


See, Feel? I knew you couldn’t fight your true nature. This episode began with Sora wrapped around Name-Doesn’t-Matter, rubbing her thighs and breasts all over him while Miu watched and Hina talked about having to pee, then tried to kiss him. His immediate reaction to that is to take his shirt off. Oh sure, they tried to put the OP in to distract from that direct sequence of events, but they didn’t fool me. Not too long after that, Hina opened the closet and got buried in dirty unmentionables and they ended up using his underwear to mop up white viscous fluid, which meant they had to cart it around town, asking people to clean up stained men’s underwear. The only thing they missed was Sora taking it aside for a moment to get a good sniff of it.

I guess the other ‘eventful’ thing this week was the brief introduction of Raika, a totally never ever before seen character in this show. I look forward to seeing her again, probably in episode 8 for another two minute cameo. They also tried to make dinner because living off convenience store food is expensive which went about as well as you’d expect. The surprise there was that all of them were completely incompetent instead of having at least one be decent to inspire jealousy in the other. That has to violate some kind of law of anime. Mostly though, I think every instance of them spilling food was an excuse to put the camera at thigh level. They also lost control of the animators once a hamburger was involved. I’m really not quite sure what happened exactly there.


Still no Raika.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • MR.KLAC says:

    well i say now living with 3 girls so going to be oh my what to do.

    & also watch out for kouta hirano lookalike yea he can smell little girls but hurray for raika & her paper fan to the rescue.

    yep 3 sisters oh my going for making mess, hina buried in clothes, going laundry, drawing on the wall, & oh my cooking.

    indeed really this getting more why to watch & yes can we get series an english dub too?

  • skyhack says:

    You forgot to change the template.

    • Nan says:

      To be fair, I’m hesitant to even post under this series, and he’s making entire pages on it. The quicker to get it done with the better, this is one of those series you would hate to have come back around to bite you.

      “No, grandma– Yes, I wrote that, but it was– no, I’m not a p– Look, just listen to– I swear I didn’t have much to do with the series, I was just bo– No, no, look at the sidebar, there’s tons of oth– Hello?”

  • The Phantom says:

    Bakemonogatari is way better than this, yet you dropped it, are you reviewing this to make fun of it?.