The Color of Lovers #12 — Dooming the World

December 20th, 2011


You fools! What have you done?!


You know, when characters rush into rooms and with things like "I’ve found its lair!" it’s usually followed by "Grab your pitchforks and we can put an end to this blight upon our city once and for all!" Not so here. After discovering more of the hellspawn beasts, they decide to devote the entire episode to delivering the creature back to its family. Wouldn’t this have come better before all the relationship stuff? Like… comfort her and be her pity lay for losing her ‘cat.’ Also, notice how it just sits there while she’s bawling her eyes out? It’s lurking and waiting to lick her tears up off the ground.

Then once returned, the creatures stack up to create their ultimate form and return to the forest to lurk and wait for the next time they’ll be needed to fight Godzilla. They felt the need to end with the show’s title too, putting me in the perfect mood to begin writing.

Final thoughts at the end.


Final Thoughts:

Well, at least it wasn’t offensively bad in any way, and often so badly cliched enough to be amusing, but like Maken-ki, there was rarely a time I was laughing with the show instead of at it. Production was certainly competent enough, but all that’s still a far cry from being good. The writing and progression was absolutely mystifying, particularly how characters would literally drop off the face of the show as soon as their one or two episodes were done. Some of them, like Sakuno, never even had that much. Even Uryuu went from continuously faceplanting into Airi’s breats and crotch multiple times an episode to just kind of wallpaper by the end. As for why they would choose to end with an episode about the damnable catball, that will likewise be a question for the ages.

I guess Maken-ki takes the award from it for being overall stupider this season on Tuesdays since this had at least some cohesion and certainly better production, but in the end, I wouldn’t call it anything other than a barely average romance at best without enough (intentional) comedy or anything else to carry it through its duller parts and almost as much melodrama as some teenage vampire story. I guess that’s an improvement in Manglobe’s recent trends, but I’d really be shocked if anybody still cared two whits about this in a month’s time.

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  • Anonymous says:


  • K4 says:

    So the show was all about cat things and angst basically.

  • K says:

    wait, the swingset again?

  • Jack says:

    The writing and progression was absolutely mystifying, particularly how characters would literally drop off the face of the show as soon as their one or two episodes were done.

    This was my biggest problem with this show. That, and that useless bubbleheaded piece of human debris Miu. I could handle the cat ball, but why Miu? You’ll just live in poverty hooking up to dimtart like her.

  • Wilfriback says:

    Hey, I did care this show but only its las month.

  • Nanaya says:


    There are normal cats here?! I thought that was just how the series drew them! What the HELL are those things, then?