Maken-ki! #11 — And Now, Maids For Some Reason

December 13th, 2011


I knew we were forgetting a fetish somewhere.


Yeah, I knew the inertia from last week wouldn’t last, if you can even call it that. They actually took a little time out at the start to explain mechanics of the show again. One episode from the end. And then they all went off to run a maid cafe. The Venus entourage didn’t even show up this week. No, it was more important to focus on the crossdressing manager of the cafe. When did it become a thing for all maid cafes to have transvestite managers? Also, WHY? Sticking him in a sentai suit just makes things stranger… aaaand is probably what the next Guilty Crown antagonist is going to be now that I think about it.

So basically back to business as usual. The small blessing is that they compressed Haruka’s obligatory end-of-show insecurity over Anti-Pants so much that it doesn’t even have the time to get irritating, especially when there’s a puppet master spying on them with either a robot hawk, or simply a hawk that she caught and then proceeded to replace its eye with a camera. I’m not sure which is stranger. It just sort of popped out of nowhere from him helping Inaho up out of a pile of broken glass anyway. What did she want? Him to push her down in it and roll her around? Actually, probably yes. Himegami was probably about the only actually amusing one of the lot, and also I think the only one that wasn’t covered in cream at some point. Her handwriting could use some work though. It wasn’t that much of a stretch to get from her attempt at LO♥VE to ぺったんこ (pettanko), sadly enough.


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    Then the principal here is the hero, the men the girls are only for harem