Invasion! Squid Thing #21 — “And Here’s Some Random Kid”

December 5th, 2011


"Because we had absolutely no idea how to do this segment without some random throwaway character."


I guess the first part and playing house was the strongest of the three, but if you’ve seen any show with playing house before, you’ve seen this segment too. Begin normal, descend into bad soap opera, someone declared the mistress, etc etc. Except since it’s Squid Girl, they first had to take time out to explain what playing house is as well as repeat the "Where’d this girl learn that word" joke at least three or four times. You could at least mix up the roles a little bit here. Eiko might have worked if she had more than about 3 lines as ‘mom,’ but Sanae playing the jealous ranting woman isn’t exactly new.

The second part had Squid getting a day planner and scheduling everything, including drinks and bathroom breaks, then attempting to religiously adhere to it. It also featured another healthy dose of Kiyomi so it was pretty much dead on arrival regardless. The last part had them visit the world’s worst amusment park, with only the teacups available to ride. I think the most awkward part of that was when Eiko suddenly sat down and got sucked into a flashback out of nowhere and began crying. Really? You’re going to try to make this emotional? With a flashback montage? Bad, Japan! Bad!



Suddenly it’s not summer for 8 minutes..

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    A flashback out of nowhere leading to nowhere to cause 6 seconds of emotional drama.

    …It appears they are mocking you.