Invasion!? Squid Girl #24 — Melodrama Rain

December 24th, 2011


Can’t have an emotional scene without a sudden rainstorm after all.


Well, the first bit wasn’t bad, I guess. Creative or new? God, no, but at least they avoided the usual failing of spending more time setting crap up than actually getting to what could be called jokes if you’ve already marinated your brain in a fifth of Jack. The second two-thirds though… ugh. It may have actually been worse than the ending of last season where she lost her hair and turned into a normal girl before everybody went "THAT’S NOT YOU!!" Eiko and Squid got into a fight over her video game which became a lasting feud until at some festival, Squid got separated from the group, and then everybody started freaking the hell out. "Oh no! We haven’t seen her for a few minutes! This is sooooooooooooo emotional!"

Then the melodrama rain kicked in and only Eiko had the strength of friendship required to find her.

Le sigh.

Final thoughts at the bottom.

Final Thoughts:

Bleh. My opinion certainly hasn’t improved with this season. It was a way to pass otherwise dull Mondays, but it wasn’t a good one. A few slight moments of comedy from the first season were even less present in this one, made worse by every new character they added being as dull as dishwater. Maybe I should have watched the subs instead to laugh at the puns they threw in out of nowhere. It certainly couldn’t have hurt That random girl that they tossed in to play generic Soap Opera House for one segment was more fun than the entire rest of the new characters combined… Hell, she was more amusing than most of the recurring ones too. If the show spent half as much time trying to be funny as it did setting up the generic situation for its jokes, then… well… it’d probably actually be a comedy.

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  • H2O says:

    I thought this show airs on tuesdays.

    • Aroduc says:

      No, it airs on Mondays usually, but as noted previously, TVO broadcast the last two episodes together today.