Fall Seriously in Love With Me!! #10 — Is That a Lightsaber in Your Pants?

December 3rd, 2011


Yes, yes it is.

Reminder, Horizon’s new episode airs later than normal today. I may not get to it for a little bit just because I’m going to run errands for a while instead of playing the guessing game of when it’ll show up in a watchable form with the delayed time.


And unfortunately, Yamato’s pantsaber was about the only tolerable thing this week. I really miss when this show was a comedy. It all too obviously does not have the budget for this. The battle between the girls and Ninja Maid (I seriously cannot be bothered to remember her name) was just painful. It wasn’t animated so much as just a collection of shots slowly blurred between them like a very very bad flip book. I’m guessing that they ran out of the budget somewhere along the way and decided to just fake it with the scene literally half animated. And then there’s her flashbacks. "I’m being electrocuted! This reminds me of my time in the trenches." Can we stop this, Japan? I will throw a goddamned party if you can go a week with no flashbacks. The only time I expect that to actually happen is Golden Week or New Years when nothing airs. And they’ll still probably find a way.

Momo stole the terribleness at the end though by basically throwing a temper tantrum and declaring that Yamato belonged to her and nobody else could have him. Not one episode ago, the rivalry thing was being played off as a joke that gave Yamato coma-boners. Fan-bloody-tastic. I would be happy if they just dropped this entire awful cyborg story and had a full episode of Miyako sneaking into Yamato’s room and doing things. To him, to herself, to anything she can find, whatever. It has to be better than angst and Lerche clearly reaching about ten times further than they should with these attempts at fight sequences.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I guess that there is no much point in complaining with fate/zero fights after watching something this terrible.

    Anyway momoyo melodrama at the end was just lame, this show… the only good part of it is the first episode the rest is just average.

    Did someone decided that they needed action so they come out with this Arc? I would have prefered more school stuff than this boring cyborg arc with DBZ-like Fights.