A Bridge to the Starry Sky #13 — It’s EXACTLY What It Looks Like

December 28th, 2011


I don’t even want to think about the interstitial of… it… in a bikini.

Yes, this really did take nearly a week to show up on the internet. Believe me, it became a way of taunting a Canadian on IRC and now I am sad to see a source of joy go.


See, other studios? This is how you do a fanservicey and fun little special, complete with even a nice little encapsulating at the end that didn’t require 15 minutes of angst and all manner of other hogwash to get there. The plot was basically "Daigo really wants to get laid, and it turns out his MMO buddy was his girlfriend all along." Daww. It was a very sit-comesque wrapup at the end that you don’t see often in these crazy moonland cartooneries. Also, of course, even the highest expectations for this show involve the thought "I hope they’re not dressed like prostitutes again this episode," but completely sidelining Little Dick and making Ui’s main contribution being so infected with foodlust that she headbutted a piece of glass that she was already leaning on in her attempt to feed to let Daigo go have his own merry little adventures while providing all manner of eyecandy was a fine decision.

So he just goes around trying to score with the entire cast until Ayumu invites him back to his room to model his school swimsuit, at which point Daigo finally snaps from his pentup sexual frustration and just goes for it. And no, none of that is my usual lassez faire approach to the truth. That is actually what happens. Then there’s the usual festival montage, featuring, but not limited to: more butt-sumo, Hina panting and drooling at every single phallic food she can find with unbridled lust before licking a white chocolate banana up and down and deepthroating a corndog… along with Ayumu spraying himself in the face with mayo.

It’s like someone at Dogakobo finally realized how much of a joke the show was and actually ran with the silliness for one brief shining little episode. Pity the rest of the show couldn’t be the same.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • H2O says:

    Glad to know you enjoyed this Aroduc.

  • Nanaya says:

    Girls on the internet!? Tch, now I *know* this is some crazy plot twist. ‘Em ah right boys? Gehehehe.

  • kaon says:


  • The Phantom says:

    The younger brother in bikini is the most disturbing shit that I have seen in a while in any format. Just nevermind I’m out of here…

  • Wilfriback says:

    At least he is cute…. God who I’m trying to lie, that was beyond disturbing