Invasion!? Squid Girl #20 — Bonanza Bros

November 28th, 2011


Now there’s a game I haven’t seen in years.


Ugh, this episode was made of rambling monologues, once again going about forty times more in depth than is good for this show while forgetting to actually do anything with its setups. The setups were mostly particularly poor this week anyway, but listening to just a constant vocal drone with particularly static visuals didn’t help matters either. I guess the second part was the strongest just because it featured some actual visual humor instead of an endless stream of words with the occasional auditory stinger and electric background to make sure you know exactly where the joke was supposed to be had the writers actually remembered to write one. They should probably get on that one of these days.

Part one had Squidface staying at home as the guard, so of course they were immediately burglarized by the chattiest robber ever, who immediately took off his mask and decided to hang around at the scene of the crime pretending to be the family dad and/or a fellow ‘invader.’ Part two had Squidbrain trying to kick the shrimp habit after falling into an ET-esque trap until she started hallucinating shrimp everywhere and dreaming about them eating her. It wasn’t bad, but… eh. Part three had Squidbrain and Sanae recovering from heatstroke together. About 95% of it was just one long stream of consciousness dump from Squid as she lay perfectly still.


Playing house and amusement parks.

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  • jingoi says:

    Will never look at the BB game but the bonanza bros are one of my aces in Sonic & Sega.