Invasion!? Squid Girl #18 — The Continuing Adventures of Mini-Squid

November 14th, 2011


I’m pretty sure stopping for curry while jogging is Not A Good Ideatm.

Sorry. Not sure what was up with the downtime there. It looks like it’s fixed now.


Man, these weeks off do not help my attitude towards this show at all, particularly when it begins with a segment even less focused than usual. Thankfully, it was only the first segment that was all over the place. The joke about Squid thinking the Great Buddha was some kind of evil rival was fine, but that was only maybe a minute and it took nearly four minutes to get there, passing through jogging, having curry, and touring. Even once there, it got distracted by Goro spazzing out about jogging with Chizuru, both generic and exceptionally lame, even for this show. The second segment had a bunch of the beach kids forming a squad to protect Squid only for Sanae to take over the job as Squid’s personal Secret Service. All it meant was that Sanae hovered around like usual, but in a suit and shades and said "I’m her SP." Exciting.

The third was an actual mini-Squid segment as Goro’s weird dream unlike the 60 seconds of earlier in this season. It wasn’t as good as the one from last season though. It was just a little excessively saccharine at points and wielded the music like a blunt object. Less can be more, Diomedea. It’s still the kind of thing I’d like to see more of from anime though, particularly characters shutting up for a change and visually emoting instead of drowning under seas of exposition, stills, and pans. If only it wasn’t proceeded by two particularly weak segments that lulled me into a complete daze.



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  • blackinmind says:

    that lil ika segment too cute.