Higurashi Kira #03 — Throbbing Uteruses

November 25th, 2011


Where’d all the fun go, Deen?

I really need to pay better attention to OVA schedules.


Meh. Again, just like the Magical Girl Rika episode, the problem here is that they’re not going far enough to actually make them work and the whole thing just ends up being completely lame. I guess they were trying to make this sort of touching with all the girls having flashbacks about heretofore unseen dates and whatnot with K-1 while tinkly piano music plays and they talk about how great he is, but… you know… some 60 or seventy episode in and about 8 after the story has concluded… we should be having fun here, not doing what would be blatant filler from some bad harem nonsense. Bring back the love magatama and make him swallow it or something. Put in a little more bloody effort to not be so damn bland.

And it’s even worse that Rika and Satoko’s ‘evil’ plan was so lame. They spent the whole thing building up and talking about how much fun it was while watching Rena touch herself in the bath (what else would she be doing in the bath with her hands between her thighs and thrashing around while thinking about K-1?). The fruition of all this build up? Blindfold him, spin him around, and point him at the group of ovulating girls to pick his girlfriend… and he picks out the Sonozaki grandma. Twenty minutes of buildup for that. Just that. Nothing else. Why, Deen? Why?



Bobble heads.

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