C³ #08 — Sudden Outbreak of Main Character Syndrome

November 19th, 2011


Where your head suddenly becomes 5 times denser.


Mixed bag like usual. The good parts of this show if nothing else do a great job of making all the info dumps stand out all the more, and unfortunately, the meat of the episode was sandwiched between two fairly large ones. They did do a decent job with the conclusion to what has otherwise been a fairly weak arc, more with the emotion and writing for once instead of the action, besides a little overly machinated drama because Haruaki was the only one not bright enough to figure out that they in fact were not going back on their words but were using Shiraho to actually help Sov. He’s not usually the brightest bulb, but I think it’s been a month or so since I wanted to slap him for his stupidity.

Everything was done probably a bit earlier than it should have been too since the last half of the episode just kind of coasted along going through all the motions, some generic yet expected, like Sov handing over the magical card widget things, others, like Shiraho sitting there while a classmate rants, less so. I’m not really certain what was up with the new style of penciled drawings either. Maybe Silver Link got a new artist on staff and gave those cut-ins to him. And then for some reason, decided to animate their mouths. Another one of C3‘s mysteries, no doubt.

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One Lonely Comment

  • K says:

    Eh, I think this arc was too roundabout. Everytime anime tries to do a mystery they make this strange effort to make things confusing and convoluted. It’s not bad per say since they’re trying “fresh”, but really, I could do without this shit.

    And the doll is still a fucking chick. Man, how does that even work. I guess loosing all those swords can be symbolic of losing manhood, but yuriyuri is not my dish. yo.