Working!! #17 — Requiem for Otou

October 22nd, 2011


The 45 second B plot was better than the rest of this.


Oh boy, an episode based on misunderstandings of misunderstandings of misunderstandings or a random woman crawling out of a manhole and then disappearing completely again after about three minutes of screentime focusing around Yachiyo and Satou, one of which whose personality is "has a sword." Well, Satou’s better, but still only amusing when torturing Poplar. Certainly not when moping around pining after "Has a Sword." And of course, whenever there’s drama, that means that Deadweight Inami has to get involved and yada yada sharp pieces of wood in my spleen.

I got more chuckles out of Yamada randomly grieving for Otou’s death in the background and then celebrating his undead return to life than the entire rest of the maudlin episode. Relationship drama is not your strong point, Working. If you’re going to go with rampant misunderstandings all over the place, then at least derive them from Yamada’s antics or Souma’s master plans. Characters staring after each other and stewing in their insecurities is not. We all know that this is going nowhere. Stop pretending and focus on being funny and/or cute. Leave the relationship melodrama for… well… preferably nobody.


Uh… faces apparently.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • TEd says:

    1 word to describe this show BAD! anime are so bad hese days 2-3 years industry will be bankrupt if they keep putting trash like this out

  • Chen says:

    I don’t want to question your usage of the word drama or anything, but if you think that’s drama, I suspect you haven’t seen many Asian dramas!

    It’s one thing to criticize a character-driven comedy for focusing on the weaker characters, but it’s another thing to criticize a character-driven comedy for having some semblance of direction.

    Seems a bit harsh, considering I remember one of the complaints you had of the first season was that the transitions between skits were not handled very well. Oh, and Inami, our fun-sucking vampire!

    • Aroduc says:

      That’s assuming that “they misunderstood what’s going on and will now spend the rest of the episode wringing their hands anxiously” is a joke.

      • Yamibakeru says:

        At some point along this episode, I forgot I was watching Working, and thought I was watching Mitsudomoe.

  • Athos says:

    I like how they just stopped talking for about 10 seconds after Yachiyo makes the question. It’s like he’s thinking to himself “…why isn’t the punchline coming??”.

    I think this show deserves at least one romantic-oriented episode every now and then. After all, shipping is one of the cheapest and strongest devices known to man. To not let them take advantage of it would be downright unfair.

  • jingoi says:

    I’m fine with Yachiyo x Satou/Kyouko but I don’t want to see any Takanashi x Taneshima/Inami.