Working!! #16 — Sisterhood

October 15th, 2011


Why won’t any of them snap and kill Inami? 


Well, they had to move off of the good characters to one of the lame ones eventually. The episode was primarily focused on Katanashi’s family and for the first half Izumi in particular. Inami also ate up a rather unfortunate amount of screentime but did thankfully completely disappear again for the second half. Both of them bring about the same amount of humor and fun to the show as a burlap sack of fish heads without the burlap sack. Izumi just kind of… wandered around. And made the occasional sparkly face. And that was the extent of her ‘humor.’

Yamada tried her best to steal focus through the second where she took over ‘guidance’ of Nazuna, although it was clear who was leading who. Still not the most intelligent idea when at least one of the pair is likely a future serial killer, if not one already. By the end though, it was down to dumb misunderstandings based on indistinct descriptions of the waitresses so the lasting impression was… not great. There wasn’t even a punchline to half of it, like Izumi said ‘that small girl’, so Kozue thought of Inami. …Because of her chest. Ba-dum chss! And then a montage. And you know how I adore those.


Oh yeah, Satou exists.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    YAMADA AURA raises combat effectiveness by 2%.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    …Or get Inami slapstick.

    Stop being so Steven Foster when he wrote Pani Poni Dash’s english dub by threatning to kill people.