Invasion!? Squid Girl #17 — Poor Crash Test Rating

October 31st, 2011


Seriously, Diomedea? Have you even owned a remote control car before?

FYI, Squid’s off again next week.


For the first part, we’re treated to a revelation about how terribly made Japanese remote control cars are when Squid breaks the rules by taking it outside and promptly breaks it by… running it into a wall. While driving on sand. This horrific misuse of it buckles the entire front, bends the antenna, and knocks off a wheel. What are Japanese RC cars made of? Paper? Crashing them into things and sending their lego drivers through the windshield in horrific multi-car pileups is the intended use. At least have it savaged by a dog or stepped on. Anyway, as is frequently the case, they did introduce two potentially interesting setups; Takeru controlling Squid via remote and the Americans making a replacement car, but both of those lasted approximately 15 seconds before they were dropped. Let’s actually run with the humor next time, eh?

The second part was Tanabata and if you’ve seen one of those, you’ve seen pretty much all of them. Silly wishes, ‘touching’ speech about happiness, reveal about what the people actually wished for. Yawn. This one mainly distinguished itself by actually showing the origins with Squid and Sanae playing the parts of Orihime and Hikoboushi. But, again, that was the entire joke. The final part was Squid trying to play by herself, then befriending an ant that bit her and following it around.


Trains, travel, and MiB.

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