Invasion!? Squid Girl #16 — Violating the English Language

October 17th, 2011


"They say one who masters English is to become the Masterof all."

FYI, the show’s off next week. The next episode airs on October 31st. Also, what’s a "Masterof?"


Oh lord. The first third crossed all sorts of lines, particularly concerning a tolerance for puns. Basically, Eiko sucked at English, but kept saying words in Japanese that ‘could’ be English words despite having little to ever do with the conversation at hand… and required having terrible hearing past the point of sense. For example, Cindy takes "abunai" as "have an eye", "mondai nai" as "Monday night," and "itadakimasu" as "eat a duck I must." Combine that with the cast’s collective awful pronunciation and the general mangling of the language in every single way… like "ara" being written in Japanese, "really?" being said, and the English subtitle being "Ready?" I don’t even know what to do with that segment except groan very very painfully.

The second was more of the usual. Maybe a little better than normal or maybe I’m still trying to recover from "leaening English." Squid got it into her head to start tickling people, then got the hiccups and after antics, was cured. The last part was basically Squid playing Combat Poohsticks with Takeru’s friends (that’s far more amusing than them all sinking their own ships so hers could be best), then imagining her little ship as a mini-Squid off on a brief adventure before drowning to a watery grave. While cuteish, it doesn’t really compare to the commercials during the episode of the mini-Squid preaching at a podium,


Nobody will remember in two weeks anyway.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nan says:

    Apparenly Cindy learned English in New Jersey.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Segment 1 was FULL OF WIN. Your opinion doesn’t matter here this time.

  • Chen says:

    “itadakimasu” as “eat a duck I must.”

    Oh my God that’s brilliant! They should teach this in Japanese 101. :D

    • Travis says:

      I actually learned it as ‘it’s a ducky’s moustache’, which isn’t that far off. Still, that is pretty awesome.