Yuruyuri #10 — Ghost Cast

September 5th, 2011


Well, it could have been worse.

In case you’re curious, the breast show yesterday was about the sidekick finding a boyfriend or something. This was the sole amusing part, and even that’s stretching it.


It’s rarely a good omen when the opening gag of an episode is that 80% of the subset of the cast that actually has moments where they’re entertaning will not be seen this week. Then having a Himawari eyecatch right before a bath scene is just adding insult to injury. On the upside, instead of allowing any other characters to do anything, they made it practically 20 straight minutes of Kyouko ranting and raving. Unfortunately though, Kyouko doesn’t work nearly as well without clueless people to torture like Akari and Chinatsu. Ayano’s as close as it got and she has yet to evolve far enough to pick up a joke besides not-really-repressed lesbianism. Even without that, 20 straight minutes of listening to one character rant in high pitched Japanese starts making one wonder if perhaps there isn’t a nest of squirrels hiding in your ears that need to be dug out with a spoon.

More unfortunately, that also meant that every single moment that wasn’t filled with Kyouko was Chitose getting a nosebleed. At least they cut out the telegraphing it for the most part. It hasn’t gotten any more amusing, but at least each one is eating up only a quarter of the time that they used to. On the other hand, there were four or five times more of them this week. I repeat my same desire from previous weeks to just pitch her into the sun and forget that she ever existed. Why can’t she get the ghost treatment instead of the parts of the cast that aren’t terrible?


…What is it with this season and flashbacks?

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  • Nightshadow2239 says:

    And no, I not trying to be racist.

  • Mesousa says:

    Notice that Kyoko holds bags that say “Lion & Rabbit”? She then pukes in them. Wow, that’s… subtle.

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