Twin Thief Angels #10 — Do It For the Squirrels

September 5th, 2011


Hentai Mask!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another episode that really wasn’t all that bad. If only the show’s entire run had been like these last couple episodes. This episode could have certainly been a little slower paced too, but slightly too fast pacing is a far better problem to have than slow. Nine hesitates once and Trader calls in an entire mecha army to cleanse the campus with fire, including all of his subordinates. To be fair, given how often it was focused on that deer head mounted on the wall in his office, there was the creepy feeling that he was either talking to it or it was talking to him. That would explain so much. …Except that there’s at least a 99% chance that it’s just terrible direction and one of the animators really wanted to draw a deer head. Even Salome popped up out of nowhere to fight on the good guys side as payback for being dumped down a pit… and because her sidekick still has a crush on Hentai Mask. 

The ending was also… more than a little strange. Haruka and Nine shepherding squirrels to safety as the butler flees with a silly sidecar was the more normal part of it. Then they found a mech with a giant bomb attached to it that would destroy the school unless someone could run on a treadmill inside of it fast enough… which was a trap all along! Yeah, nobody’s buying that Hentai Mask is dead either, although, as usual, it was amusing that Salome’s underling was the only one screaming in agony over it. Not to mention that following up a death scene with the ED of "SHINING STAR!" just makes that scene unintentionally hilarious, like much of this show.

I’m also sure that this has to be a cameo or something given how far they went out of their way to point her out, but damned if I know.


Team-up battle episode.

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  • Escapedes says:

    Hello, I’m new here.

    From what I can ascertain, you watch all the bad shows of a season so that you can rant about how terrible they actually are?


  • mickey says:

    Can’t you see how selfless Aroduc is, watching and reviewing crappy shows so his readers can avoid them? On a more serious note, he almost always makes valid observations about the flaws of a series’ narrative, whether it’s a plothole, inappropriate use of a flashback, or a contrived plot device.

    What exactly is interesting, thought-provoking or constructive about heaping praise upon shows that frankly don’t deserve it? There are scores of other anime bloggers that do this. And why does his approval matter so much to you (and most of his detractors), as opposed to the validity of his points?

    Incidentally, he stops watching shows he doesn’t find good and/or interesting, like Idolm@ster. For what it’s worth, I kind of like Im@s, although the 8th episode sucked hard.

    • Aroduc says:

      I should add a point system just to confuse them more.

    • Escapedes says:

      In fairness, mickey, I’m sure most people are capable of deciding on their own whether or not a show is a worthy watch. It doesn’t take a per episode review of an entire series to discern it’s quality. I’m a pretty stupid person, but this even I can tell is a no-brainer: the author isn’t doing this out of good will.

      As such I’m lead to believe Aroduc in fact enjoys watching bad shows; meaning in fact they to him are good. This concerns me, as a good-natured individual I worry about the impact all of this has on his mind.

      I’m all up for “taking the piss” out of shows, but this is akin to watching every single episode with mind of all of it’s failings all the while being reminded by another that it’s indeed bad.

      More than anything, Arowduck, I dislike your feigning of disgust at the failures of each of these shows. It’s a very contrived act of “coooooool” and takes little intelligence to see through (evidently so: my self). It’s like that age old argument that people are to argue on the side of whatever they can make up enough points for and do not actually have any ideals concerning the matter beyond that of their own agenda (more often than not, the agenda being simply their ego and self image). You get a huge high from talking down these shows almost as if you really do believe in your ability to critique piles of crap.

      ” What, the piles of crap are smelly and yucky to touch?!!?! Wow! Thanks for informing us, Arrowdac, so we dont have to test out that pile of shite for ourselves! Good Samaritan what what!”

      • Escapedes says:

        Shut up, Escapedes. Where do you get off putting somebody else down for self-gratifying posts, when you’re indeed doing the exact same thing? Why else would you challenge him so? You’re a hypocrit if I’ve ever seen one.

        And that double post is a poor attempt at wit.

        You know they say only a smart man contradicts himself, eh, fellas? Eh?

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Hentai Mask!!!!!!