Tigris et Machina #23 — Meanwhile… Offscreen

September 3rd, 2011


No time for action, we’ve got to talk!


You know… Lunatic was a good supervillain. He just popped up, menaced the heroes, beat them up, killed people, and then left. He had his specific motivation, no overly complicated plans, his powers were consistent, and… oh yeah, his stuff actually happened on screen. At least until he discovered Bejeweled and completely dropped off the face of the plot. Here, we have the entire cadre heroes defeated off-screen. I shouldn’t even have to go into all the things wrong with that, although it could be amusing if they just did everything with the robots for the rest of the show off-screen. I can already imagine the next episode beginning with them standing over Robo-Tiger’s broken body.

Anyway… and why couldn’t they show the fight? Because Tiger was too busy crying and lamenting how Bunny couldn’t remember him and showing… wait for it… more goddamned flashbacks. Even worse… recap recycled footage flashbacks. Their fight lasted all of about 90 seconds and all took place before the OP played. And all that mindraping was removed because Tiger called him Bunny. Remember how they just spent half an episode showing how that doesn’t work? I guess if you chose to be an optimistic ninny, then you could choose to believe that it shows how strong their bond of love friendship is, but if you choose to be a rational thinker, you’ll remember that Maverick just spent two or three entire episodes repeatedly mindraping Bunny. Almost a month of setup and it was undone by slapping him and saying his name. Fantastic.


Tiger and Bunny vs the Tower of Doom.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CTT says:

    It might have worked because he wasn’t wearing the helmet. They panned to the helmet just before they showed Maverick watching him. it’s all I can think of.

  • randomanon says:

    Also, what happened to Tiger’s declining powers? They made a point of this for two or three episodes and now he’s prancing around, randomly activating his powers like nothing ever happened.

    • CTT says:

      I read a fanfic that stated the suits are upgraded so that the wearer can still look and seem like he has the hundred power even if he doesn’t. They were built because of what happened to Mr. Legend. While it sounds likely, I think you just caught some poor writing.

      • Aroduc says:

        Clearly it’s because he stopped drinking every single episode.

        It’s just another in the long line of things that the show introduced as critical to the plot and rewrote as it went, and then tried to quietly drop.

    • AGear2Ax says:

      They haven’t forgotten about his declining powers… in the episode, Tiger’s power stopped before Bunny’s powers… when Bunny was about to finish Tiger, he still has his powers while Tiger not.

  • Embok says:

    I assume they’re not making a big deal of his declining powers because Tiger is too concerned with saving everyone to worry about it. Yeah it’s happening but he can’t exactly not use it.

    I’m also still expecting Lunatic to be the final boss. He’ll come in at the last second to kill Maverick and Taibun will have to stop him.

    • randomanon says:

      That’d be cool. But alas, I fear they’re gonna use Kaede, her scene where she’s standing there with “just” a seemingly human guard mustn’t go to waste after all. Besides, Lunatic actually served his purpose already by helping Tiger. Kinda like “It’s all about you, so sort it out by yourselves.”

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with what you’ve said so much. Lunatic was a good villain, complete with troubling past and ambiguous goals. And then Kriem happened and everything went to shit.