Sacred Seven #10 — Toast the Maids

September 2nd, 2011


This was almost gorier than Blood-C thanks to the lack of censoring.

Huh. This took me by surprise. Apparently Tokyo MX broadcast both episode 9 (as usual) and then episode 10 today five hours after it and are continuing with episode 11 next week in the usual timeslot for the remainder of the show’s run. So… Sacred Seven is now a Friday show, airing at about 6 am my time. Um… all righty then! And as mentioned previously, Working!!’s second season is airing its first episode tomorrow, a month before its broadcast actually begins. At least it’ll give something to concentrate on for a week besides just Tiger and Bunny’s Flashbacks.


You know what’s even better than flashback episodes? Flashback episodes centered on characters whose sole contribution to the plot so far have been to sit frozen in a rock. It’s a little late to be going backwards and adding character motivation at this point, not to mention that the entire first half of the episode could have probably been cut. If anything, this really should have been interwoven into the date episode to show how Ruri’s dependant and needy and turn two bad episodes into… one bad episode, but really, it served no decent purpose because Ruri is already enough of a damsel in distress without adding a secondary inert twin damsel to be extra distressing. Other than the flashback, the only things of note are that Aoi made the crystal herself, which I can’t remember if they were blaming on some monster or something, so maybe that doesn’t even count… and that her crystal resonated with Arma’s sparklies from the last battle and disintegrated, but he can’t sense anything from her even though she’s still in a coma. The rest of the present timeframe stuff is just your usual preening and making sure everybody knows that it’s all serious now!

Anyway, the flashback’s nothing particularly interesting either. They had a fight right before Aoi got rocked and their parents killed and could never apologize. And right out of the Dramatic Separations Handbooktm. I think the rock-thing baking the maids was more surprising. I’m surprised that the guy’s wife let him keep an army of maids anyway. Also, I cannot help but roll my eyes every time they say Aoi’s name (means "blue") period since every single thing about her is blue-themed. She almost works better just as a rock because she didn’t have all this awful drama attached to her, especially coming on the tails of a battle against giant naked statues.

I do have to admit though that after I got tired of rolling my eyes at the piano version of the OP, it was a rather good arrangement of it. Consider that the bright spot of the episode. Besides the surprise maid-cooking at least.


Someone else’s turn to strap Ruri down.

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  • L says:

    Oh, but Aroduc, didn’t you catch it when they named the damsel in distress Ruri too?