Mayo Chiki! #12 — What a Twist!

September 22nd, 2011


Take a breath, show. You’re going to out-gasp yourself with all these developments.


What was it with this season and terrible flashbacks? They seem to come in two varieties, resolved within the first minute of the next episode without incident, or completely ignored for a week before being resolved within the first minute of the next episode after that. This would be the former. Okay, so the episode was completely spastic anyway, which is nothing new, but this week felt particularly spastic with how it kept trying to introduce surprise twists like they were major developments, then shrug, change their mind, and restore the status quo three minutes later. With all that melodrama, they don’t really remember to find any time to make jokes either.

Let’s see what we’ve got. For starters, after all that hubub about Konoe running off to end last week’s episode, within five minutes, he’s naked with her in the bath and then sleeping with her. That’s followed by the surprise reveal going into the commercial break that she’s ‘transferring’ to a new school… which lasts only as long as the commercial break because it’s then revealed that girl-Konoe is a ‘new’ transfer student at their school. That in turn lasts all of about five minutes of people repeating the same "We can’t tell who it is, but Jirou can!" jokes before he engages in mortal combat against the feral girls of the school and the status quo is once again restored. But since the episode only has a few minutes left, it’s restored for reals this time. And hell, may as well have her kiss him yet again because this is the ‘end’ of the show.

Aside from apparently having one more episode about the tanned girl with large breasts and Masamune covering her face with various white viscous fluids at any rate.



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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NoName says:

    No over yet? It’s been 12 episodes, I don’t think we need more. Specially if the plot doesn’t move at all (not like it seemed to have one, anyway).

  • Jack says:

    …before he engages in mortal combat against the feral girls of the school…

    I love the word “feral”. It’s like they were living in Bangladesh.