Mayo Chiki! #11 — Brain Damage and Hiccups

September 15th, 2011


At least one of those things should probably have warranted a trip to the hospital.


I’m pretty sure that I’ve already mentioned how sorry I am that I ever expressed my annoyance with this show’s early episodes and over-focus on Konoe and Kanade. I was operating on the apparently poor assumption that it would be as similarly passably entertaining with other characters as it was with them. What a fool I was. Why do I bring this up in an episode without almost any of the side characters? Because the plot for this week is that Konoe brained herself saving Jirou from Usami running him over and spent the entire episode brain damaged and or drugged in various ways. And the B plot was that Kanade got the hiccups and that brings back all manner of horrible horrible childhood trauma that requires Konoe to nuzzle her crotch until she feels better. Over the hiccups. There was a flashback about hiccups. Japan is seriously just doing it to annoy me now. I’m sure of it.

And then Kanade practically leaps down some stairs head first which becomes the cause du jour for the requisite melodrama of the week and it’s up to Jirou to go running off to stop Konoe in this deep and emotional affair. Which he fails to do, of course, but it’s okay, because the preview for the next episode shows that this incredibly tense cliffhanger, everything is fine. Well, at least they didn’t make that big a deal out of their three minutes of sudden drama and development. The main difference between this and every other serious moment of the show seems to be that it occurred one minute later in the episode than usual, so the resolution has to wait until next week.


Whatever yo.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mesousa says:

    The guy who wrote this adaptation wrote Chu-Bra, an anime that had amazing character development for such a silly premise.

    Now he’s writing this mess, which is your typical harem anime, with male lead taking screentime from other possible interesting characters. Cause’s he’s boring.

    Will we ever have another Magikano, another Rosario+Vampire, another Demon Kig Daimao? I consider these three the messiah of harem anime (depending on the latter).

  • Fencedude says:

    Uhh…should I mention that all three of the shows you listed are on the same level as, or in the case of Daimaou, far, far below, Mayo Chiki?

    Now, Chuu-Bra, there was a good show.