Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts #25 — Slutty Thwomp

September 22nd, 2011


Isn’t it a little early for a Halloween episode?


Well, all right, let’s run with it. This had both comedy and the summons actually used for something, so that already made it much better than most of this season’s episodes. It still wasn’t that strong of an episode though, especially compared to how the show’s been in the past, and as a lead-in to the finale, well… let’s just say that this could have easily come 10 episodes ago and nothing would be different. The biggest problem was just how much of the episode the explanation of the event ate up. They did a good job with the chibis keeping it from being visually boring, but it was still at least twice as long as it needed to be, especially with all that DQ nonsense which doesn’t need to be there at all.

Anyway, special event at the school where everybody’s summons were replaced by Halloween versions, so of course, most of the girls ended up with slutty things… because otherwise it wouldn’t be a female Halloween costume. I am including a slutty thwomp as part of that. They then have to go through your usual haunted house thing/trial of courage where they’re DQed if they get too worked up about anything. I got a chuckle out of the flashback/recap of the two antagonists from the OVA getting cut off by the narrator yawning. If only every recap ended like that. The girl that KOed Mutsurini also bore a disturbing resemblance to Kampfer’s Natsuru, which is amusing for a number of reasons.

Again though, this as the finale and culmination of the season after how melodramatic it’s been? Particularly after last week’s angst-fest…? Maybe they just got the episode numbering mixed up somewhere along the way.


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    I don’t really see the resemblance with Natsuru. Which makes your seeing it… kinda sad. You still can’t get Natsuru out of your mind, huh?

  • jingoi says:

    I only look at the screencaps so why are Yuuji’s eyes not bleeding? Is it because he’s looking at the wannabe rashomon.

  • Wilfriback says:

    I love Tokonatsu troll face XD.