Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts #22 — Whiplash

September 1st, 2011


The status quo was restored a lot faster than I expected.


This episode was everything that the previous wasn’t as far as cohesion, focus, and development is concerned. Yes, I do not like flashbacks, but I like resets even less, particularly when they’re coming every five minutes or so. I never really expected this show (or any for that matter) to actually commit to any kind of relationship, but after a cliffhanger and then a whole week dedicated to trying to show how deeeeep Minami’s feelings are, for them to just paper over it with "Oh, I made a mistake?" "Oh, I see. You idiot!" and then continue on their merry way… ugh.

Even beyond just that, I think I got whiplash from all the times that it went back and forth. Minami kisses him, Yoshii explains the cell phone mistake and status quo is restored… for about 30 seconds. Then because plots are afoot, they need to pretend like they’re going out after all, until it swings in the other direction with yet another misunderstanding because Yoshii’s somehow the only one who noticed that Himeji had a palm-sized wiretap stuck to her back before the episode ends with the status quo back to usual.  Unfortunately, that also means that Miharu was the primary comedienne this week as most of the rest of the cast was too busy either just dumping out setup for the undoubtedly final arc of the show or agonizing over all the misunderstandings. Miharu. At least use your A-game here. Where was Kubo in all this triangle nonsense? He should have been heartbroken not just… gone.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Wilfriback says:

    Not enough Kubo, spawn more Overlords!

    I’ve been reading vol. 6 of the novels, and Kubo is awesome!