Countless Cat Gods #10 — CATS! IN! SPACE!

September 9th, 2011


This was not the direction that I was expecting.


Actually, I’m not certain that I was expecting this show to go in any direction, but cats on the moon protecting a magical warehouse from demon soul-eating rats was certainly not it. This is almost approaching something that could be mistaken for a plot if you squint and poke yourself in the eye a few times. There was even a cliffhanger that one of those soul rats is wandering around. A cliffhanger. The sheer surprise of it nearly gave me a heart attack. On the other hand, Amane somehow manages to be even less interesting than the majority of the cast by being little more than a walking ball of angst and at least a good third or so of the episode is just listening her lamenting her own uselessness. That’s an impressive achievement but not one that should merit her any accolades. The show has enough characters on prozac already. It doesn’t need an angsty one too.




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  • jingoi says:

    Nezumiman attacks!