Countless Cat Gods #09 — …No More Flashbacks… Please…

September 2nd, 2011


I swear to Zeus, if I have to see one more flashback episode this weekend…


…Have I made it clear how much of a crutch for bad writing that I consider shoehorned-in flashback episodes yet? Because I feel like I’ve said it a rather lot lately in the last week or two. And with Tiger and Bunny in about 14 hours which relies on nothing but flashbacks… I may have that aneurysm after all!

*ahem* The worst part of this episode though wasn’t that it was yet another flashback story about how Yuzu is the perfectest girl ever who befriended yet another thing which led to Mayu living with her thanks to the kindness literally radiating off her and how you were supposed to be touched or something by it. No, that wasn’t the most disappointing part of the episode. Yoshino was there from the start and it was raining for the entire thing and you knew that there was no chance that Yoshino was going to get wet. And that’s just tragic.


Who are these people?

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • firecow says:

    LOL, Aroduc hating on flashbacks on so many shows this season.

  • Nanaya says:

    Aww, you weren’t touched by that heartwarming scene of heartfelt heartwarmingworthy heartwarmingness?

    …I have got to stop clicking random bookmarks looking for something to do.

  • du5k says:

    If Yoshino actually got wet, no one will care about anything else in the episodes anymore… that’s why they couldn’t let her.

  • AGear2Ax says:

    It’s Flashbacks episodes week!… ugh!

  • jingoi says:

    Just got to wait til the doujin artists get to work then Yoshino will……

  • Jack says:

    Better than “Letter Bee” which was 90% flashbacks and 10% crying.