Blood-C #12 — Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies

September 29th, 2011


So… it was all just a big advertisement for the movie, eh?


Heh. They bring everybody back to life, only to kill them all, and the most hilarious part? They don’t even bother to really try to answer or address anything that wasn’t already obvious. There’s no big twist at the end, no stunning reveal, nothing. Just your run-of-the-mill conspiracy for conspiracy’s sake. And that is why this is my favorite comedy of the season. At least they did an even better job with the action than usual, even if the style was slightly different, and frankly, not for the better. I really don’t like that style, and moreso when a show switches randomly into and out of it, although I know lots of people have been touching themselves over it lately. The gore was hilarious too, particularly the twin getting torn apart by her legs. Now that’s the kind of panty shot that I think everybody can get behind.

In the end though, it doesn’t end. It’s just a big ol’ ad/prequel for the movie. Huzzah. At least it’s some more random mindless action to look forward to. And seriously, what is with Clamp and their fixation on eye gouging?

Final thoughts, such as they are, at the bottom.


Final Thoughts:

Do I even need to say anything at this point? This show was a trainwreck of horrible pacing, unrelatable characters, and over-the-top gore while Saya kept on repeating that she’d protect everybody. It certainly could have been done far better if they made her look overwhelmed or helpless against the monsters eating all of her friends, but like basically all of what passes for character development in this show, Saya just sat there and watch everything with an idiot grin on her face and then went back to singing her happy song, so none of it had the slightest shred of impact past the visceral (or occasionally comical) head gnawing.

The action was extremely well done though and other ‘action’ shows could learn a lot from it. Almost all of it was totally meaningless, yes, but it was visually attractive and not made up of 50% explaining what was going on and 45% reiterating how you believed so much in yourself that you can’t lose. That, and laughing at its awful writing at the only reasons that I can think of to watch the show though. As I said, the writing manages to be both slow and ridiculous. Certainly amusing to write about and laugh at, but recommendable as a good show overall? Good lord, no. Maybe the movie will figure out what to do with this mess.

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  • Mira says:

    Maybe the movie will figure out what to do with this mess.

    Blood-C was a crappy show. I’d say at least 85% of it sucked. But– I want to see that Blood-C movie. As much as I’d hate to admit it, achievement unlocked.

  • CTT says:

    First time I’ve ever shied away from the screen. I didn’t even do that for Higurashi.

  • Arabesque says:

    ”The gore was hilarious too”

    That was, honestly, the best part. The show finally gave up any sort of pretense about what it was and just gave us over the top gore levels that cheap 80’s Hentai OVA would blush at. Bloody instant smoothie, just blend humans! Panty shot, so you can enjoy the gore AND satisfy your lust.

    Seriously, in any other show, this would be a down right disgusting and repulsive finale. but in here, I couldn’t help but laugh at how absurd it all was.

    ”And that is why this is my favorite comedy of the season”

    And we figured out what the C stands for …

    ”In the end though, it doesn’t end”

    And let’s hope it never does! Seriously, funniest shit in years!

    ”The action was extremely well done though and other ‘action’ shows could learn a lot from it”

    And that’s really the saddest part of this entire mess. Aside from maybe the Clamp noodle proportions in the character designs, there was absolutely nothing wrong from the Audiovisual side of things (if anything, the OST was pretty kickass) just that this was a really, really horrible script.

    ” Maybe the movie will figure out what to do with this mess.”

    Haha, now that’s a good one.

    • Travis says:

      I think part of the bile fascination that this whole finagle mustered up was that… Well, the action looked good, and that we should be praising a show like Blood-C for it highlights how tragic things have gotten. But hey, sign me up for the movie appreciation crowd. S’gonna be rocking.

  • MEH, I SAY, MEH says:

    I figure the ‘C’ is there because it’s the 3rd series done in the franchise (I think it is, never paid much attention to it). C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet! It makes arbitrary sense!

  • Mohamad Taufiq says:

    I watched The Room, Birdemic, Troll 2, Gymkata, A Serbian Film, The Last Airbender and several MST3k episodes like Prince of Space, Werewolf, Invaders from Neptune, Sandy Frank’s Gamera films and Manos.

    And none of them are as bad as Blood-C.

    Yes, i enjoyed all those bad movies more than Blood-C.

    Seriously, i enjoyed A Serbian Film more than Blood-C. Yup, a movie which features Newborn Porn and countless numbers of necrophilia is more fun to watch than Blood-C!

    Congratulations Production IG and CLAMP! You made A Serbian Film tolerable! By making the worst iteration of the Blood franchise exist, you guys pretty much made A Serbian Film more tolerable!

    Seriously, this is one of the worst anime of 2011. It’s up there with Rio! Rainbow Gate and Oniikoto as thee worst anime iof 2011. Congratulations Production IG and CLAMP.

  • AnimeRocks says:

    Well I thought this was a great series and very sad one at that. C means control in blood c (Just clearing that up with everybody) and yes I watched tons of animes and from my point of view it was good. 8/10 It was very slow at the beginning I admit but I’m proud to be one of the fans to this series. I can’t wait for the movie hopefully she will kill that guy -.-‘ poor saya everything that she loved was all a lie! But again I can’t wait for the movie!!

  • The Phantom says:

    Fucking finale was amazing!!!, dont remember so much blood since what elfen lied? This anime sucked storywise but the whole violence and blood are on a different level and definitely makes it worth it, the action scenes were also among the best ever made for anime.

    I’m pretty sure I will forget about all the retarded series of this season soon, but not this one definitely something to watch again and again and again.

    Now I have to go and watch the finale again, and wait for the freaking movie, amazing means amazing well done Blood-C.

  • MR.KLAC says:

    oh boy really what way to lead it movie til next year. guy reveal alot that saya can’t eat human but eat monsters. guy time to reveal “winners” & “losers” prize.
    3.”losers” get guy want money get pancake face & eaten while twins get one of them got hammered like a rag doll & eaten while other get legs pulled spilt eaten.
    4.female research get tonged wrap but saved by saya then saya enter the beast’s tummy to finish the beast.
    5.female research running but got hug with big bite drinken to death by saya’s “father” who is a half-human monster.
    6.saya vs “father” with saya had to kill him give “father” did care.
    7.saya chase coffee guy who summon rabbit monster but got squash so then gun here down but “class pres” tried to help but also get gun down reveal “class pres” did care for saya.
    8.bunny monster got many grab all “extra” bag them, eat them, pull heads, eat like a corn, shish kabob them, blend them all up big “coffee blood”, & gun them down yea leave no witness. guy & female person getting away yet female is only in it so she get to be tokyo gov.
    10.saya kill the bunny monster chase coffee guy but boom eye shot.
    11..saya after all happen yea tears skirt make eye-patch now on revenge on coffey guy & oh dog reveal one of saya’s wishes.

    so yea really besides give i don’t had plan to watch first but wham keep coming then after ep.11 i’m all in & yet really oh boy this so wham to watch.

    really at movie to continue it & yea good luck to anyone in new york, texas, california, or canada to whoever going to license & dub you’re so going to need it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I could not get passed the 15 minutes of mundane for the 5 minutes of action, it reminded me of the same formula Shaft used for Madoka. Sure, the action was nice, but I rather watch a clip show of all the action scenes than the entire anime (especially since the plot was a mess).

  • Mesousa says:

    Mohamad, Rio Rainbow Gate was awesome, so shut up.

  • Benigmatica says:

    The movie is gonna be a long wait for anyone who’s not living in Japan! For now, Blood-C got sucked because of this episode.

  • ark noir says:


    The last episode of ‘the prisoner’ made more sense and ol’ patrick mcgoohan trolling of that epi was on purpose.

    “I am not an elder bairn,but a free man” said no’6

    or a vampire, remember them Clamp? Will praise themfor the fight scenes and lovely musical score though.

  • Loveanimes4life says:

    I love this show!! Can’t wait for the movie!!