Blood-C #11 — The Twist That Nobody Saw

September 22nd, 2011


Who are they kidding?


Yawn. The ‘big reveal’ episode doesn’t really tell us just about anything we didn’t already know, just fills in a number of rather unimportant minor holes as it fills in twenty minutes, and more disappointingly for this show, had pretty much no action to distract from that fact either. Most of it is spent standing around taunting Saya, flat out telling her that it’s fake, or pouring blood down her throat to send her into various flashbacks while she sits there catatonic the entire episode. I’m not sure that she even has a single line. Apparently they also have this blood thing down perfectly because they can control the exact flashback it gives her. That’s… convenient. Oh yeah, and padding. All over the place. Did we really need to sit and listen to the twins talk about their clothes? Seriously? This show barely has a plot as it is without getting distracted by every shiny object that bounces past it.

So yeah, surprise! It was all set up for her ‘benefit,’ they’re all just actors and using magical thingies to protect themselves, everybody has their own little agenda (mostly just to get paid by finishing… the project), and Saya’s been pumped up on drugs the whole time. The largest twist is that everybody else in the town besides the ‘main cast’ (in English!) actually were real people and are dead, so you know, Saya’s protective abilities are still a tad lacking. Also that she’s been eating every one of the monsters that she’s killed off-screen. Lovely. And then here’s the cliffhanger… coffee guy is the one that the teacher hates/fears who is ‘behind’ all of this, and I’m fairly sure is supposed to be the military guy who took Saya down in her flashback.

Oh yeah, and if the show wasn’t already ridiculous enough, a giant dog suddenly shows up out of nowhere with arms coming out of its head to chase them approximately 20 feet to the right before mysteriously disappearing again. Great writing all around, folks.


Thrilling conclusion.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    Hoorah for twins!
    Now I can watch this mind-f**king show again.
    Saya eating the mons thing is weird, almost makes what Diva did to Riku tame (to me).

  • MR.KLAC says:

    seeing all pics of series & mention forums & blogs.

    one word to say from osaka Oh My GAH!!!

    indeed so many twist, reveal, unexpected, etc wonder is like getting ideas from shows like LOST for this?

    overall i so watch all of it now to what is going & yea this is so indeed like “?????”

  • Scott says:

    It’s better if you watch this one on niconico. The commenters have done a pretty good job mocking the show.

  • AnimeGirl says:

    I told everyone “Watch somethings going to happen and its going to get everybodies gaze upon this show again. I’m upset that people gave up on this show the first couple of episodes. If you watched the episodes carefully the twins do give a hint about what was going to happen…..But now people will have a thought about man this episode rocks now I’ll watch episode 1-10 It just really upsets me that people give up on this show and don’t watch it again after one episode =/ but again I never saw this coming and it was a great episode can’t wait for the next episode! XD

  • Nono says:

    Anyone who likes this drivel must not watch a lot of quality anime or be very young.

    Worst series this season.

    • Embok says:

      Or you must not watch enough bad anime. The twins alone put this well above at least half the season.

  • Benigmatica says:

    Wow… This twist is so unexpected that I want to puke this show!

    Please, let’s end this show with a bloody boom next week!

  • ark noir says:

    When rickrolling meets the trueman show.

    Could be the show that finally kills this old man’s anime hobby?

  • MR.KLAC says:

    only thing left to make more twist have the dog be mastermind yea i’m looking at you tropes.

    so i guess now we can cake is a lie, coffee is bad for you, truman show, etc wonder is like getting ideas from LOST

  • MR.KLAC says:

    after seeing this all 5 things to say

    1.too many wham to watch on it

    2.yea so twisted to watch like what is going on?

    3.truman show anyone? what is real or fake?

    5.cake is a lie.

    cause i feel thinking of don’t just a book by cover just look within the person to see truth.