Yuruyuri #09 — Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark

August 29th, 2011


Your craziness is second-class.


I think about half of this episode was made up of random things that the writers found around the room, or extraneous scenes from god only know where. The show’s cohesion was never all that great to begin with, but somehow going from scary stories to weird super powers to mad scientists ranting takes a certain amount of caffein pumped straight into the veins. About the only connecting theme through the episode is that Kyouko was hot throughout. Not that kind of hot, sweaty hot. Although that could be hot too. BUT I DIGRESS.

I suppose the ‘meat’ of the episode was the introduction of two fairly dull and also ambiguously lesbian characters, the student council president who was mostly off-screen before and doesn’t speak anyway, and a mad scientist teacher who mostly just rambles to herself in your standard Japanese mad scientist way. Yawn. Been there, seen that a dozen times over. I think they just took Happy Lesson’s Kisaragi and split her into two characters. Besides, with the emo hairtm, she just made me think of Innocent Sky’s Miyako and how she did out-of-control-crazy so much better. And had at least a 35% chance of stabbing you to death at the end of it too. …Why do I consider that a good thing?



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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • alex says:

    Kyoko is hot, period :)

  • Nanaya says:

    >Why do I consider that a good thing?

    Having someone mentally unhinged is a chaotic influence, it means the plot has a chance of going in a different direction than every other series ever. They’re also usually the least cookie-cutter/boring character, for some reason.

  • Jack says:

    An uneven episode, but I’m looking forward to the sleepover next week. Hopefully that will be more cohesive. Also…this episode felt like a “4-panel” manga/anime adaptation more than other episodes.


  • sage says:

    No mention of ghost-Akari? Really?


    Kyoko is hot, period :)