Yuruyuri #08 — Copy-Paste

August 22nd, 2011


Twins are just an excuse for animators to be lazy.


Ugh. Like the preview from last week suggested, this was a Chitose episode from start to finish. Because the only thing that would be ‘better’ than one Chitose is giving her an identical twin with the personality of a tofu block… and has the same lame glasses -> lesbian joke. And you know how much I already love seeing Chitose, so seeing two of her doing the same joke is… ugh… I don’t even want to finish. Most of the more entertaining members of the cast didn’t even manage to make a guest appearance. Just Kyouko was barely able to be on screen for maybe half the episode, and she spent most of that hovering around Chizuru trying to get her attention. Why? Who knows. Unless it’s part of some plan to stuff her and her sister into a box and then throw it into the sun. Now that I can get behind.

Now let us never mention this episode ever again.


Requiem for the forgotten heroines.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    I’m suprised they didn’t make them as creepily close as possible. Thats the usual angle for this. So… progress?

    • sage says:

      If you didn’t notice how much Chizuru LOVES her sister, then you fail at subtext.

      • Nanaya says:

        That’s kinda what I was talking about, it’s usually too direct, fanservicey and onscreen to have ‘subtext’ be used to describe it.

  • jingoi says:

    Who wants to help me make a fanfiction on the murder of the Chitose sisters?
    First idea.
    I send them into a world filled with hetero guys and completely devoid of women so they can’t even do yaoi fantasies then I send a extremely horny Kanako Miyamae to rape them near death then suddenly a certain girl with a axe who is known as The Second will kill them then hang the chops in front of Akari’s house.

  • Anise_Punter says:

    No Akarin? Double the Chitose? (At least it wasn’t two Aki Toyosakis?) Ugh, last place for this week is assured.

    Seriously? No Akarin? What did I do to deserve that?