Twin Thief Angels #07 — Magical Emetic Attack

August 15th, 2011


You are not looking cool there, Misty.


Bleh. This episode had nothing worth noting at all except for Misty Knight showing up at the very end to wave a flower in front of the giant salamander and have it vomit both violently and repeatedly. Why does he even carry around a flower like that in the first place? The whole episode was just blatant time wasting centered around a character who is lucky to break monosyllabic squeaking and her pet giant salamander. Softenni’s salamander stuff was far more amusing to begin with, although since there was little actual attempt at humor in this episode anyway, that’s not really saying much. I miss Milfie Salome too. Hopefully the electrical siblings next week can be a little more amusing than Saijou has been lately.


Obligatory beach episode plus electric twins.

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