Tigris et Machina #22 — Shout

August 27th, 2011


These are the things we could do without.


I’m really not sure what’s worse, that everybody was expecting them to use such a horribly pathetic plot device like Kaede literally popping up on a rooftop and undoing every single thing that an entire episode was spent on not two weeks ago, or that they actually did it in probably the worst way possible… with not even her realizing what was going on and for one character conveniently missed via the strength of plot convenience. Just suddenly… "Uh… uh… Magic!" I barely even want to talk about it. The only way that could have been worse handled is if it was instigated by her sneezing. I think the more disappointing thing is that it’s looking more and more like they’ve completely dropped everything about Lunatic to have the entire cast fight a bunch of evil robots. Remember when he was going around murdering people and fighting the heroes? I’m not sure Sunrise does.

And so after last week’s increasingly rare flash of actual superhero action and looking like the writers might be competent enough to stop sticking the pencils up their noses for a moment, it’s back to talky talky talky and lurching around in poor directions due to bad plot devices. My main hope that this point is that they make up a third super ultra for really real this time truth about Bunny’s past. Maybe that his parents survived and live on as evil brains in their own robot shells. And then next season, they can reset his memory again to reveal that he’s actually from Krypton before revealing that that was only part of his true memory and he’s really Brainiac. And I wouldn’t put it past Sunrise at all. Actually, I think that might even be an improvement.


No, Maverick, you are not menacings. Stop trying. Please.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ana says:

    Eh, I’m a lot less critical of this show than you are (I actually kind of enjoy it) but I have to agree. This was… lame. What was the point of having him build up everyone’s doubts only for it all to become moot? I don’t even mind having Kaede undo the brainwashing eventually, but at least have a better excuse for why she touched Maverick. At least have him kidnap her or something.

    And I was actually really looking forward to the idea of Lunatic being the only one who remembered about Kotetsu. That was such a good set up. Especially given all of Lunatic’s issues about Mr. Legend and Daddy, and how Kotetsu parallels the situation. Bah.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have tried to wait out this trainwreck, but I think this is the last straw for me. Someone please explain to me how the power of rewriting memories gives one the ability to create a ball of light that mystically RESTORES memories? Good lord.

    • Aroduc says:

      I’m still curious how she got a projectile version of his power while everything they’ve shown so far indicates that he needs to touch them and everything but one scene indicates that it really helps if they’re asleep/poisoned/unconscious… but… WRITING! Ha HA!

  • Anonymous says:

    so Bunny is the supergirl of Tiger & Bunny ?

    • CantTouchThis says:

      Yes. The show’s most clever deception was making the super girl bunny and not the sensitive tiger