Tiger & Bunny #21 — The Black Suit Saga

August 20th, 2011


They’re getting really transparent about it these days.


Aside from a couple incredibly moronic things, most of which I predicted last week, this was a solid episode, and easily probably the best of this half of the season. Heroes actually fought, the action was decent enough, and the show moved along well enough without either retconning anything or introducing any more convoluted plans that don’t actually make a lick of sense. I have no idea how Tiger has suddenly become Spiderman and is now able to nimbly swing from tall buildings with the greatest of ease after mainly using his grapple to ‘accidentally’ tie himself to Barnaby in the past, but hey, we can run with that since this whole arc is basically taken from that anyway.

Kotetsu though… Good god, he was nigh insufferable this week. Like I predicted, about 90% of his lines this week were along the lines of "It’s me, Wild Tiger. You have to believe me. It’s me! Why don’t you remember!?" Hell, he had convinced himself that the entire thing was some kind of publicity stunt initially. I am fully aware that his oblivious stupidity is nothing new, but my urge to throttle him for it is nothing new either. Hopefully now that he’s figured out that it could be an evil plot, he’ll shut up a bit and they can keep acting like an actual superhero show for a little while. 


…A lot of talking apparently.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon says:

    lol, the foreshadowing, if it’s even safe to call it that is so blunt that it makes the previous episode seem so convoluted. They had to give her daughter powers, not only that but the power to “absorb” powers, then to have her randomly come to the city, and happen to bump into the big bad to steal his powers. I wish the writers for this show didn’t think that their audience was a bunch of babies unable to do anything but watch this show, with out their guiding hand we’d all shit ourselves due to our perceived low iqs.

    • Aroduc says:

      I don’t think that even counts as foreshadowing, just a really bad and convenient plot device to keep the characters as incompetent and clueless as possible by having the answer fall into their laps.

  • burnout says:

    Man, I wonder. How will they *ever* figure out that the fake Tiger is some kind of robot zombie?

    “Gee, Nathan, Tiger *never* takes off his suit, and never talks!”

    “Don’t worry, Sky High- That’s just his ‘thing’. In fact, I don’t recall him ever talking in the…decade…we’ve known each other. What do you think, Barna-”


    Then again, Keith got fooled by an obvious robot, so it’s safe to assume they’re not very smart.

  • Zenryoku Zenshin says:

    Is it just me, or are the new TnB suits so evil that they don’t even have corporate sponsors?

  • Kilocron says:

    Anyone else notice how Maverick patted Tiger’s daughter’s head? And she has that copy power that copies people’s powers that she comes into contact with. I bet she’s use that power to undo everything. That’s my prediction.