Tiger & Bunny #20 — Master Planner

August 13th, 2011


I long for the well thought-out plans of Dr. Robotnik here.


You know, through the first half of the show, it was amusing to at least mock it because the show wasn’t taking itself seriously. It was easy to poke fun at the stupidity or holes because… well, frankly… who cares? But now they’re trying to be so serious about everything and the writing is still just atrocious. The coffee scene for example. Leaving aside that about three minutes after it, they showed that drugging was completely unnecessary for Maverick to use his powers, Maverick actually unscrewed a pen of poison right in front of Kotetsu and dumped it into his drink. Only convenient line of perspective saved him. Then they repeated the sequence of Tiger bringing the coffee to his lips, close-up on Maverick smiling evilly, then Tiger got distracted at least three or four times. Hell, you could have just begun this episode at the roofies party and nothing would have been lost.

And then we come to Maverick’s backup plan. First off, apparently he can also mindwipe a bunch of people at once, which raises the question of why he hasn’t been using his power all along, but more importantly, instead of putting in something intelligent, like… I don’t know… a memory of Kotetsu killing the maid… he embarks on an elaborate plan of altering the memories of some but not all of the people who know Kotetsu was Wild Tiger (well, at least that’s what he did with Bunny) and then putting out a press release that Kotetsu killed the maid and waiting for… the heroes to vigilante kill him? Even taking Maverick’s influence into account, most of Kotetsu’s family knows his identity, as does his former employer, not to mention that they showed him wandering around Hero TV station in his combat suit without the mask on in this very episode. Plus he should have a stack of paychecks, not to mention his court records. A supervillain’s master plan really shouldn’t be able to be thwarted by years and years of paperwork.

Luckily, I’m sure Kotetsu’s too stupid to use his years of intimate knowledge of the heroes and their identities to do anything intelligent, but will instead stammer and yell in dramatic anguish about how nobody knows him. Which means that now that people think he’s a villain, his ‘elaborate’ disguise is immediately seen through. I guess when you’re wearing a mask on a giant TV but the real guy’s in person, the disguise is perfect, but not the other way around. The worst part is how they tried to handwave over that at the last second like there was one guy in the writer’s room desperately trying to convince everybody else that this was really really stupid and they tossed in some crap about impersonating superheroes to shut him up. Great work, Sunrise.


Man on the run.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Algent says:

    Didn’t he actually put drug in the Champagne at the party ?

    • Aroduc says:

      …Yes? And…?

      • invinciblegod says:

        Well that is supposed to show that he can’t mind wipe a bunch of people at once I think. After drugging them he would have hours to do it I guess.

        • Aroduc says:

          Yes, they’ve pretty much shown that he needs to touch them with the glowing hand. I’m still not sure what he (the original commenter) was trying to get at.

  • Kanami says:

    Too bad I think this chapter was too amazing to realize the holes…

    and while it’s true he didn’t need the poison to use his powers, he used it well since the heroes could stop him from activating his powers (if they had realized it) if he hadn’t used it :/

    brb I’m going to angst till next week