Tiger & Bunny #19 — Mastermind

August 6th, 2011


I would’ve preferred a Phoenix arc.


I really don’t know what they’re doing with Maverick here. Okay, so he’s the real killer and screwed with Barnaby’s memories to imprint himself over Samantha… but exactly what kind of supervillain embarks on a 20 year plan to sit around and slowly wait while engaging in some light mind control on the side… but only on one kid? I expect Dr. Doom to have some kind of 20 year plan to conquer the world, but it’ll be made up of 47 different smaller world conquering plans where losing each one slightly advances the overall conquest scheme. Plus there’ll be at least four or five other plans instigated by his robot duplicates just to distract the Reed Richards from the true master plan.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, an episode made up of mostly angst and talking heads, and aren’t those just the two most thrilling things in the world? Sunrise is pulling out every single bad drama trick in the book. Last week, Bunny kept interrupting Kotetsu. This week, they used both the overheard conversation and and the misunderstoodee standing around stammering instead of actually explaining anything. Luckily, Maverick suffers from no such confidence issues and we’re ‘treated’ to him spelling the entire thing out just to mind wipe Bunny again. I’d wonder what the point of the entire exercise was for him, but that’s the closest this show has come to any kind of supervillain in over a month. It’s even less of a superhero show these days than Heroes was at its maudlin whiny worst.

What ever happened to Lunatic, anyway? I think the last time we’ve seen him do anything in the present time was episode 10 or so. He was the only character in the show I haven’t repeatedly wanted to strangle.



Dramatic closeups.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    I saw it coming

  • DmonHiro says:

    … yeah.. didn’t see that one coming…
    Oh wait… YES I DID. He might as well has a shirt that said “I am an evil bastard!” on it.

    • Aroduc says:

      I’m still waiting for the reveal that the TV Stations or sponsors were releasing villains or staging bombings/disasters for ratings. I think I may still be waiting by the end of the show.

      • DmonHiro says:

        They already did that. The evil guy confessed.

        • Aroduc says:

          Again, I misspoke. I meant actually doing it. In the show. Every single thing the heroes have dealt with in the show has either been wacky stalkers and the like, with the initial Ouroboros stuff explictly happening AWAY from the tv cameras and continuation of such also hard to buy that was all part of the master plan. As it stands, it reeks of them just simply making it up on the spot while everything else they’ve actually shown in the show is the complete opposite. Note that I was not praising the writing behind Dr. Doom’s endless claims of Xanatos Gambits either.

  • v1cious says:

    “I’m still waiting for the reveal that the TV Stations or sponsors were releasing villains or staging bombings/disasters for ratings. I think I may still be waiting by the end of the show.”

    He said that in the episode.

    • Aroduc says:

      First, he said that was because people hated guys with super powers, so that was to change public perception. It does follow that he would just keep on doing that, but that has never been shown or hinted at as happening in the current time. The opposite in fact, given the Jake arc.
      Second, I didn’t mean a bunch of stuff that invisibly happened off-screen long ago in the past that was made up on the spot. I meant things that have happened in the show. Currently. Unless you’re caring to argue that all the petty criminals, stalkers, and children that they’ve fought have been part of the vast conspiracy, just never shown or alluded to before in any way.

  • v1cious says:

    Well he never said EVERY crime was orchestrated by them. Obviously there are actual criminals running around, like Lunatic. Also it’s already been already established that Mr Maverick can wipe minds, So it’s not impossible that members of Ouroburos don’t know what’s going on.

  • He looks the part too.

  • bas says:

    i don´t understand how no one has mentioned why tiger is riding.. a tiger? Don´t that seem weird? and apperently that´s nothing unusual?