Spinning Penguindrum #07 — Black Magic Woman

August 25th, 2011


What can’t the internet teach you?


Ugh. After a fairly strong episode that seemed like it was picking up the pace last week, this week was back to doing absolutely nothing. It’s almost like an ADHD RPG. "Quick, you must save the world! But first pet this puppy. And mow my lawn. And watch this play. And this cat needs waxing. Time to help a frog lay eggs." That’s my biggest problem with this show at the moment. It began with a sense of urgency and purpose (find the penguindrum, save Himari), but almost every episode since then has completely ignored that to just hang around and waste time. The primary reason that nothing is happening is because the protagonists are doing nothing. That’s kind of a problem when you’re trying to sell the central plot as something that they supposedly actually care about.

So yeah, as you might guess from my quasi-rant, little happens this week. Having to sit around and watch Yuri’s play for a large chunk of the episode or Ringo’s weird daydreams, recycled stock footage are all just exacerbating factors and could be excused if the characters were actually trying to do anything. Lately, the brothers (mostly Shouma) have simply walked from place to place and watched things unfold without actually trying to do anything. Kanba’s parts have become infinitely more interesting but at the same time, he seems to only appear for 30 seconds an episode, so there’s a very low ceiling as to how much he can carry the show. And like many episodes before, about 21 minutes into the episode, we’re right back to where the previous one ended with only an inch or two of progress leaving about 90 seconds of cliffhanger material before we do it all again. Hoo-bloody-ray.

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