Mayo Chiki! #07 — Clark Kent Disguise

August 18th, 2011


Nothing to see here. Move along.


…It’s a beach episode. I feel like I can just say that and cover all the ground I needed. They kidnapped him and brought him to the beach where every girl was conveniently roaming around to be encountered by ‘surprise’, including his own sister. Then Subaru put glasses on, and her perfect disguise was complete. They could really be playing this up as a joke, you know. Yeah, they have a ‘punchline’ of characters going "She bought it!?" but that’s just lazy. They could be trying to sell a joke like Hideyoshi in Bakatest, a stubborn and willful delusion on everybody’s part instead of pure run-of-the-mill outright stupidity.

The rest… eh. Look at the caps, it’s exactly what it looks like, which is a little redundant since they already had a water park episode. The only particularly different things from the norm here involved Usami who remains about as appealing as a conch shell stabbed into my eye. It is interesting that every one of them are wearing a bikini though. Where’s the obliagatory school swimsuit or the bizarre outlandish things, like the bikini garter? How am I supposed to take you seriously as pandering T&A without sufficient pandering? Oh right, the sequence where Kanade moans and squirms on the ground. How could I forget?


On to the inn part of this affair, plus angst.

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  • alex says:

    maybe I watch this episode it looks like it has actually a plot compared to the others :)