Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts #20 — Final Assault

August 18th, 2011


Entendres! Ha HA!


Finally! A great episode from almost start to end. Today was a great day for shows all around with Mayo Chiki leading up the (probably rightful) back of the pack. Let’s start with the bad though. After a great opening skipping the OP so show a movie-in-brief hashup of different genres and events, the cellphone stuff was just… bleh and felt almost completely recycled thematically from last week’s first half. The ending also did not follow well from the rest of it. Yes, I understand that it was a cliffhanger, but Minami running up and kissing him for seemingly no reason was completely contrary to the last 21 or so episodes of her character, especially considering that she disappeared from the episode after Shimizu tried to strip her halfway through. I doubt Yoshii had any idea what she was doing anyway.

The rest of it was excellent though. Even if it was structured more or less the same way as last week’s, they actually showed a lot more fighting, more strategy to get around the unbeatable opponents, more heroic saves, Yoshii actually applying his brain for a moment. Almost everything that made Bakatest’s first season’s battles fun. It’s a bloody shame it took half the season to get back to that, but some payoff at last. The ending with Shimizu was fairly weak, but I wasn’t really expecting much out of it. This arc still would have worked much better if it was half as long, but at least they ended it with a strong episode.


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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nightshadow2239 says:

    Ooo an episode that Aroduc liked? I look forward to it.

  • Wilfriback says:

    Minami just ninja’d Himeji.


    Too bad since I still like her more than the other despite becoming annoying this season.

  • sage says:

    No caps of Muttsurini’s blood fort? You have failed us.

  • ShuffleAir says:

    Wait. Is that last screencap, right? It’s not a dream or an accidental trip, right? I NEED TO WATCH THIS.

  • Nanaya says:

    I love the dissonance in this scene.

    In the front, we have emotional development and feelings and stuff.
    At the same time, in the background Shouko is tying up and violating Yuuji against his will.

  • rufe says:

    I thought you’d like this episode watching it. I also thought it was good, but I don’t understand why you would watch this show for the battles rather than its brand of humor.