Countless Cat Gods #05 — Black Cat of Ill Omen

August 5th, 2011


Or bad luck at any rate.


Sorry, I’m on my way out the door to have dinner with a friend. I’ll get to actually watching in an hour or two. It’s a Gonta episode apparently anyway. Ew. Look at Yoshino’s and Yuzu’s impossible cleavage and make up your own snarky comments in the meantime.


I would be happy if this horrible artist would just disappear from the show and never appear every again. Have her fall into Yuzu’s cleavage and get lost in their depths or something.  Every time they feel the need to pan over sketches that were in all probability done by an intern for the better part of a minute, I feel like kicking a dog. The show didn’t even have the good graces to show the girls playing in the bath either, choosing instead to have a montage of shots of the back of Ganta’s head.

Anyway, ‘beach’ episode turned into an inn episode due to a storm goddess, ruining Gonta’s plan to gawk at Yuzu’s breasts. I did note that it was only after taking a bath and putting on her yukata did Yoshino put on a bra so she could show off the straps. …Or more likely, the artists forgot that her dress doesn’t have straps. Not like the only male in the show pays the slightest bit of attention to her anyway. The nicest thing about this episode was how little Mayu there was. Usually a sentiment reserved for the most terrible of harem romantic comedies. Way to distinguish yourself, AIC+.



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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    My prediction: episode better than last week but art and animation are worse.

  • Anonymous says:

    who’s the guest artist here?

    I recognize the style but can’t remember the name…

  • jingoi says:

    Well Mayu looks like a guy so…..
    If there are anymore Gonta focus episodes I would think he was friends with Kappaeru.