Twin Thief Angels #04 — Overworked Public Teachers

July 25th, 2011


Forced to compete in Variable Geo for money.


Well, it was kind of a step forward and kind of a step back, but at least unlike Yuruyuri, there’s something to talk about. They got rid of Salome and Misty for the episode, but they also abandoned the entire "magical girls collecting jewelry" schtick and had everybody fight a bunch of costume fetishists/photographers who are apparently able to ignore Rie’s whiney squealing. I thought that was impossible for the Japanese. Lord knows that the characters running around blowing up random citizens and imposing moral order on the city while Misty Knight gyrates in the background would be much more interesting than the magical whatevers.

Photographer-character-whose-name-I’ve-already-forgotten remained pointless and annoying despite this being the episode dedicated to her, so at least that’s over with and she can slip into the background or never be seen again. Let’s hope the latter. Most of the rest of the episode was dedicated to Saijou. I’m not sure how exactly anybody could mistake her for Aoi considering that one is twice the size of the other though. That entire thing felt likea joke that someone thought up but nobody ever actually got around to writing a punchline for. …Kind of like a lot of this show for that matter. It’s also more than a little weird for them to start setting up Saijou to be an antagonist at the very end too. Even Salome was at least somewhat crazy. Saijou’s just… sad.


Saijou gets a new job.

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  • GF202020 says:

    Wake me up when there is a Rugal reference.

    Rolento is small time.