Torpor and Bunny #17 — Dramaville

July 23rd, 2011


Better than "Oriental Town."

In case you were curious about R-15’s plot for the week, it involved the two leads becoming literally magnetically attracted to each other until they overcame it and the male became magnetically attracted to panties instead. Aaaaand I’m out.


You know, even Peter Parker doesn’t have to deal with this much melorama and god only knows how many times he’s had to drag Aunt May’s dusty corpse back from the brink of death or beyond. When GOD HIMSELF starts intervening by casting down surprise typhoons out of nowhere to further the drama and conveniently resolve the father/daughter drama that Kotetsu has been crying into his drink over for the last… four months… the contrivance is out of hand. The whole storm to resolution took about four minutes, only around 30 seconds of which actually involved the two interacting. It’d also be easier to sympathize with Kotetsu if he wasn’t so goddamned stupid. I don’t mind the justice schtick, but wandering into your daughter’s room to root around through her stuff, then going off to the bar to drink before going home to drink some more? I’m starting to think that heroes don’t actually lose their powers, they just become such raging alcoholics that they’re unable to function anymore.

I’m also not entirely sure how exactly we’re supposed to take the flashback about his wife dying either. It wasn’t his fault, he just wasn’t there when she died. If they had shown him lounging around to enjoy the accolades of saving people from a collapsing building, okay, fine, worthwhile guilt and not too far off from your typical "hero enjoys powers until it bites him in the tail and he learns to better himself" origin story, but he’s entirely too faultless in the scenario they gave for the guilt trip he’s been on for the entire bloody show. Maybe they’ll resolve all that with a nice convenient typhoon as well somehow. At least they didn’t follow it up by pretending his mom was about to die. Oh wait…


Preaching to the choir.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    so does the girl now know that dad has powers ?

    • Aroduc says:

      Given the intelligence of characters in this show, I’m not even sure if she realized that she has powers.