Sky & Robo #15 — For All The Ladies

July 9th, 2011


They’re not hiding it very well anymore.


Good god, is Keith thick. There’s a girl who only speaks in a monotone, hardly moves, shows no emotion whatsoever, 90% of her words are "Why?" and the first thing she does when he hands her and apple is crush it effortlessly. What could this strange person be!? It must be… love. Time to seduce it. After all, one of the most attractive things about any girl is… their ability to crush squishy objects into pulp. Meanwhile, they keep zooming out to show the giant phallic statue in the background while the fountain ‘wilts.’

So yeah, obligatory Sky High episode where he spontaneously goes from KING OF EVERYBODY to getting his head stuck in buildings because he’s too sad about losing and being useless against Jake. …And he tries to get into a monosyllabic robot’s panties. …Which just happens to be made by some of the people that took Barnaby in who are now ripping off Amazo/Ultron making killer robots using the data from heroes. But luckily, Sky High wasn’t around for any of the big reveal, so goes ahead and kills his would-be robot girlfriend without even realizing it complete with celebration afterward and recovering his groove. 

I’m not entirely sure what the overall message here was. If he had found out about her (maybe… I don’t know… have him show up 30 seconds earlier instead of showing Tiger and Bunny advertising soap), then the romance angle with a tape recorder going "Why?" would have still been incredibly stupid, but at least it would have made the scene at the end be kind of poignant instead just driving home how completely oblivious to everything he was.




Lunatic finally does something again.

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  • DmonHiro says:

    Well.. SkyHigh not being very smart was no bog secret.