Sacred Seven #05 — Spelunker

July 30th, 2011


I’m fairly sure Ruri was wearing pads this episode.


Well, I was expecting this to be a terrible time-wasting beach episode after the terrible time-wasting school festival episode, but it ended up mostly taking place in caves. I… guess… that’s better? It was still pretty dumb and time-wasting. They found a cave. They explored it. It was filled with bugs that conveniently like to chew on metal but not flesh. Oh, they’ll still leap on and crush fleshy beings, but because they want to give them hugs. I’m not even sure they thought those things out anyway. First they’re super-fast dots of light, then Arma’s leaving footprints glowing like them, then they’re the size of Ruri, then they’re the size of Arma’s head and explode when punched. Somehow I feel like a bunch of different people did each scene and all they agreed on was "cicadas with rubies on their backs."

I guess this was supposed to be a Kagami episode, although he really didn’t do much besides spelunk, and I still can’t take him seriously in that mech when he’s stuck in the same position with the same facial expression no matter what’s actually going on. I did laugh when they decided to throw in a flashback to him meeting and falling for Ruri in the middle of them getting crushed and/or swarmed. What better time for a flashback could there possibly be? At least next week is back to some named antagonists instead of continuing to putz around with tiny bugs. And in case you’re curious, Arma’s toy figure for this week was his ability to A.) Swing his scarf around telekinetically and B.) transform it into a sword. Apparently one of his powers is scarf-o-kinesis. That fits right in there with the arm cannon, sky surfboard, and phasing. At least he doesn’t have Super Rock Tumbling… yet.



I hope lazy girl comes back.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mira says:


    I love how this show reaches epic levels of bad every week.

  • Nightshadow2239 says:

    That straw hat….

  • Anonymous says:

    rocks and pebbles will never be cool

  • Honoo says:

    When you said Spelunker…

    … a certain Spelunker-sensei comes to mind.

    And its opening theme is playing in my head almost automatically.

    Sly as ever as the man you are.