I Don’t Like My Brother At All! #13 — “Someone Order the Sausage?”

July 15th, 2011


Mmmmm manly.

Oh hey, I forgot this DVD was out this week.


The fun of this series has been Shuusuke’s descent into madness and the girls torturing him, so spending approaximately half of the bloody episode on the stupid AGE and Shuusuke just doing random things on his own did not please me at all. The whole thing was just a bunch of relatively unrelated shorts told as pages from Nao’s diary, so it’s not like cohesion was an issue either. At least they didn’t toss in Princess Name-I’ve-Forgotten and her sister, but there should have been at least five more minutes of Iroha and Kondo torturing him minimum as well as five minutes less of the stupid bloody AGE. They didn’t even do anything amusing with them like the forbidden love jokes either.

Thankfully, the episode just about redeemed itself towards the end. I was expecting a bit more from Nao discovering Shuusuke with stashes of the eel porn from the festival episode and/or porn about a childhood friend that looks exactly like a chesty Iroha, but at least they bookended one of the better Kondo segments. The start of her usual BL stuff was nothing new, but then Shuusuke had a dream because of it. A dream of the president of a company ordering a pizza, and the pizza delivery man comes in to find him naked and laying on the floor, so it’s time to make a pizza… by putting pepperoni on each of his nipples, then drizzling cheese on his chest. It’s just like watching one of Sunrise’s Saturday shows this season, only slightly less homoerotic.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    This is very wrong. I expected this ep to have tons of Nao and Kondo fanservice but all we get is goddamn Shunshit slowly turning gay.

  • Arizth says:

    Shunsuke’s slow slide down the BL tunnel is hilarious.