Under the Innocent Sky OVA — Nightcap

June 24th, 2011


See? You see this? Whenever I plan a post for an open day, something appears. I didn’t even know this existed an hour ago.


Apparently this is some kind of DVD-based extra service episode, as the OreTuba radio is all to happy to inform us. Of course, they didn’t really get to going all out on the T&A until the second half when it suddenly… nipples everywhere. Like a plague of teats. This is one time where I would have loved a convenient fog filter too, because Nomad, in their infinite genius, decided that instead of censoring anything, it was better to just draw nothing. Yes. It would pan up the entire front of their bodies and there was nothing there. It was like they were Barbie dolls. Or some kind of evil plastic sentient mannequins. *shudder*

Random acts of censorship aside, it was just a fanservice extra, albeit normal episode length. Everybody went to the hot springs, but stayed in their own social groups, except Alice, who tried to convince Kobato and The-Headband-Girl to lose their virginities to a mechanical bull, and Hinako, who started an entire chain of molestations and ‘soap’ squirting onto the faces, breasts, and butts of almost every other girl. Hiyoko somehow manages to escape with only a mild earlier molesting. Probably because she was fellating Eriko’s popsicle earlier. The Youji collective wasn’t even around for any of it except to rub each other at the start, a brief little bit with Galuda, and then the end, which was pretty nice. All the girls saw Youji waiting out in the little gazebo as the different versions of himself and went running to him/them while he/they smiled. However, it probably is important to not consider what happened 5 seconds after the episode ended when all four of them arrived at the same time. The music and direction in that scene was nice at least.

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  • DmonHiro says:

    “except Alice, who tried to convince Kobato and The-Headband-Girl to lose their virginities to a mechanical bull”

    Excuse me, what?

  • Ateos says:

    Speaking of OVAS, what about the episode 13 of sengoku basara 2 !!??

    • Aroduc says:

      Huh. Weird. I swear I posted about that, and the screencaps are in my directory (http://tenka.seiha.org/images2/basara2ova/). I guess I just never posted about it. Oh well!

      It was not very well made and it’s built on Yukimura acting like a moron while Masamune sighed and facepalmed. There’s my one sentence writeup.

  • GF202020 says:

    nice odangos +1