Thighs, Thighs, Thighs

June 9th, 2011


And in this very special episode of Aria, the writers get drunk and take the week off. This leaves the animators to just do whatever they want, which is to draw T&A. Also, since they’re all employed by JC Staff, they’re all thigh fetishists, so approximately 40% of the episode was spent with Kinji either inside someone’s thighs, staring at someone’s thighs, or having a murderer nuzzle his junk with the back of her head while hiding his pen in her cleavage. Class act, JC Staff. Class act.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • alex says:

    looks like a promising episode, cant wait

  • jingoi says:

    Looks like a promising episode that needs removal of censors before viewing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, a perfect ep for sick fuck pervs like the ones above me…

    • alex says:

      U MAD ? stop watching anime if you don’t like T&A

      • Anonymous says:

        When somebody makes a “U MAD” comeback, it’s clear that said person is too retarded to provide a coherent argument besides slapping that cheap meme. Too much T&A DOES make sick fuck pervs even more fucked up indeed ~

    • Twi says:

      I honestly don’t think that you have the right to criticize someone else. If you are displeased with this particular group of people, or episode, then you don’t need to post your opinion.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ever heard of freedom of expression? Everybody have the right to criticize others. I have my right to post my opinion in order to express my disgust and those sick fuck pervs have their sick fuck right to defend their sick fuck fetish, which currently sums up as a retarded “U MAD” argument and I let them defend their opinion, did I not?

        Anyway, this further reinforces my belief that sick fuck pervs are indeed… batshit.

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Looks like Riko has finally gained the creative control she’s been aiming for since day 1.

  • burnout says:

    Isn’t it sad that she’s possibly the best thing- And I use ‘best’ cautiously- about the show?