Softenni #10 — Love and Ghosts

June 9th, 2011


Random new characters three episodes from the end? Oh boy.


Meh. Very weak episode. Yayoi’s boring, her ‘tragic’ backstory is completely out of line with the normal tone of the show, and they barely even used the twist on her character. She can see ghosts and talks to them, plus her soft tennis-crazed dead sister occasionally possesses her to go on soft tennis rampages. They really needed to play up the ghost angle side of her earlier and a lot more because Yayoi herself is about as interesting as soggy toast. That does lead to the catch-22 problem of her needing more to feel like she wasn’t just a post-it note tacked on in the show’s eleventh hour to me hoping that she never appears again because she’s taking time away from better characters. I was having more fun looking for errors after awhile than I was watching her.

The second half was a little bit better, but also diluted by popping in a new character out of literally nowhere that they felt the need to introduce humorlessly. Given that Misshi was drunk in the corner and a ‘beautiful’ woman was showing up out of the blue to cook for him, I expected much more from the situation, but… well… nada. The overall bit was ostensibly about them needing to study for a test, but was actually an excuse to invade Misshi’s apartment and root around. Kurusu had the best bits there as usual, substituting her own boxers for Misshi’s to give Kotone an aneurysm and replacing the photo of young Lizzie with one of herself.

And Hanako was unable to escape.


The obligatory beach episode.

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  • jingoi says:

    Little or no fanservice in ep= no watch.
    Tv Censors= wait for BD/DVD version