Sex Ed For 30 Year Olds #41 — Performance Anxiety

June 22nd, 2011


For all the wrong people.


Yes, yes. Late this week, I know. Errands and whatnot. I’ll get on Black Lagoon in a minute.


Meh. Very lame ending. Especially with the big message at the end being that the actual physical act of sex didn’t matter. They’re all grown up now and don’t need the gods helping them anymore. Screw that noise. It’s a squishy, squelchy act full of strange noises and embarrassing things. Work with that, damn it. Or slay the virgin lord trying to interrupt them. Something. Instead, they just throw a party for the gods because they’re all family while said gods fade back to sex heaven. Then they name their kid Daigorou. Oi. Poor kid.

Since if you stacked each episode end to end, it’d only be a little more than four ‘normal’ episodes long, I may as well keep my final thoughts brief. It was a way to pass 15 minutes on Wednesdays with a relatively unmined vein of jokes for the anime spectrum. B Cup being the only other show that really comes to mind as vaguely similar to it. The short length made the worst parts of it stomachable, and it is absolutely hilarious at times, but at its core, it’s just a Flash animation with people talking *censored* about *censored* with a *censored* while your *censored* watches.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I saw them either taking this the “heartwarming” route or the comedy route, sad they went for the former but I guess the series had been building up to that for a while now. Male and Female protagonists (who I never bothered to learn their names) were always the lamest characters, and stuck with that to the end.